Of the eight species of red-crowned parakeet, two are exinct, subflavescens, of Lord Howe Island and erythrotis, of Macquarie Island. The green parrot, cooki, breeds on Norfolk Island and the New Caledonian red-crowned parakeet, saisseti, in New Caledonia.

The other four sub-species are in New Zealand: novaezelandiae breeds on the main islands, many offshore islands and the Auckland Islands; cyanurus breeds on the Kermadec Islands and chathamensis on the Chatham Islands and Reischek’s parakeet, hochstetteri breeds on the Antipodes Islands.

red and yellow-crowned Kakariki
Sub Species:novaezelandiae, cyanurus, chathamenis, hochstetteri

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Endemic bird

Male, 28 cm., 80g., female, 25 cm.,70 g., like the yellow-crowned but with red crown.

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Common on offshore islands from the Three Kings, through the Hauraki Gulf to the Bay of Plenty and on Kapiti Island, Stewart Island and the Auckland Islands.

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