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Collective Nouns for Birds (the B’s)

"Whilst Watching
 a Dissimulation of Birds

By: Celeste Warner
Wanganui Conservancy,
Department of Conservation,
New Zealand

I saw a leash of hawks unleashed
that brooded with the hens.
A raft of ducks came paddling by
escaping to their dens.

A wedge of swans were herded on,
the squadron taking charge,
when a raffle of turkeys
mustered round a mob that was at large.

The guillemots at their bazaar
braced for a covey of grouse.
When out of the sky a descent of woodpeckers
chased a little brown mouse.

A company of widgeon
joined with a teal knob,
as a pack of gulls colonised
a half-eaten corn cob.

The flamboyance of the flamingos
scoffed at by a flock of bustards,
troubled the hummingbirds by calling the jays
a band of hairy bustards.

The concentrating kingfishers
joined a congregation of plovers,
as the eagles began a convocation
in a field of clover.

I had now become tired
of watching this bird volery,
so the brooding hawks put on a kettle
and I had a cup of tea.

The unkindness of the ravens
was a conspiracy galore.
It caught the stare of the owls
on their parliamentary floor.

The ostentatious peacocks,
so prideful of their beauty,
tailed a bouquet of pheasants
to the penguins at their rookery.

The exaltation of the larks
were heard in high-exalting
by the mallards who were rather flushed
from playing in the puddling.

A gaggle of geese were flocked together
charmed by the chattering goldfinches,
when a covert of coots covered a siege
of Bitterns eating their lunches.

And in the parish of the rooks
clamoured the ruffs who lived on a hill.
They walked the wispy, lispy snipes
hoping to make a kill.

The sparrows set up a quarrel
and the starlings murmured too,
as the thrushes began mutating
after a visit to the partridge bew.


Babblers, a brook of
Babblers, a tower of
Babblers (Lesser Orange-footed), a wedge of
Bananaguits, a bunch of
Bee-eaters, a colony of
Bellbirds, a chiming of
Bellbirds, a pealing of
Bellbirds, a tintinnabulation of
Birds, an aerie of
Birds, an aggregation of
Birds, an assemblage of
Birds, an aviary of
Birds, a bank of
Birds, a battery of
Birds, a brace of
Birds, a bench of
Birds, a bliss of
Birds, a congregation of
Birds, a couple of
Birds, a crossing of
Birds, a dissimulation of
Birds, a drift of
Birds, a drove of
Birds, a fleet of
Birds, a flew of
Birds, a flight of
Birds, a flock of
Birds, a game of
Birds, a grist of
Birds, a horde of
Birds, a host of
Birds, a leash of
Birds, a menagerie of
Birds, a mess of
Birds, a parcel of
Birds, a party of
Birds, a pod of
Birds, a pull of
Birds, a raft of
Birds, a roost of
Birds, a rout of
Birds, a rush of
Birds, a skiver of
Birds, a volary
Birds, a volery of
Birds (aquatic), a bunch of
Birds (aquatic), a plump of
Birds (aquatic), a sord of
Birds (aquatic), a sute of
Birds (aquatic), a trip of
Birds (aquatic), a doppling of
Birds (flightless), a doppling of
Birds of Passage, a galore of
Birds of prey, a brood of
Birds of prey, an eyrie of
Birds of prey, a nest of
Birds of prey, a stooping of
Bitterns, a dash of
Bitterns, a freeze of
Bitterns, a pint of
Bitterns, a pretense of
Bitterns, a sedge of
Bitterns, a sege of
Bitterns, a seige of
Blackbirds, a cloud of
Blackbirds, a cluster of
Blackbirds, a flock of
Blackbirds, a merl of
Blackbirds (Brewer’s), a keg of
Blackbirds (Red-winged), a flock of
Blackcaps, a dissimulation of
Blackcocks, a lelt of
Bluejays, a band of;
Bluejays, a crown of
Bluejays, a party of
Bluejays, a scold of
Bluejays, a scolding of
Bobolinks, a chain of
Bobwhites, a bevy of
Bobwhites, a covey of
Bobwhites, a name dropping of
Bonapartes, an exile of
Boobies, a congress of
Boobies, a hatch of
Boobies, a trap of
Boubous, a duct of
Boubous, a duet of
Boubous, a pair of
Budgerigars, a chatter of
Budgerigars, a chattering of
Budgerigars, a flock of
Budgies, a chatter of
Budgies, a chattering of
Budgies, a flock of
Buffleheads, a baffle of
Buffleheads, a dufflebag of
Bullcocks, a drove of
Bullfinches, a bellowing of
Bullfinches, a lowing of
Bullfinches, a volery of
Buntings, a decoration of
Buntings, a mural of
Buntings, a sacrifice of
Buntings (painted), a mural of
Buntings (painted), a palette of
Buntings (snow), a drift of
Bustard, a flock of
Buzzards, a flock of
Buzzards, a kettle of
Buzzards, a wake of

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