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Collective Nouns for Birds (the L’s)


Lapwings, a deceit of
Lapwings, a desert of
Lapwings, a skein of
Larks, an ascension of
Larks, a bevy of
Larks, a chattering of
Larks, an exaltation of
Larks, an exalting of
Larks, a flight of
Larks, a happiness of
Larks, a pack of
Larks, a rout of
Larks, a springul of
Laughingthrush, a howl of
Laughingthrush, a peal of
Laughingthrush, a roar of
Laughingthrush, a titter of
Limpkins, a hobbling of
Linnets, a parcel of
Longspurs, a drive of
Looms, a loomery of
Loons, an asylum of
Loons, a cry of
Loons, a dopping of
Loons, a pair of
Loons, a raft of
Loons, a water dance of
Lories, a bed of
Lories, a pair of
Lories, a roost of
Lovebirds, a cleving of
Lovebirds, an orgy of
Lovebirds, a pair of
Lyre birds, a corroboree of

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