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Collective Nouns for Birds (the O’s)


Oilbirds (cave-dwelling), an echo of
Old squaws, a gaggle of
Orioles, a pitch of
Orioles, a split of
Orioles (orchard), a harvest of
Osprey, a duet of
Ostriches, a flock of
Ostriches, a pride of
Ostriches, a wobble of
Ovenbirds, a stew of
Ovenbirds, a (Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!) of
Owlets, a brood of
Owls, a bazaar of
Owls, a brood of
Owls, a diss of
Owls, an eyrie of
Owls, a glaring of
Owls, a hooting of
Owls, a looming of
Owls, a nest of
Owls, a pair of
Owls, a parliament of
Owls, a sagaciousness of
Owls, a silence of (when in flight)
Owls, a stare of
Owls, a stooping of
Owls, a wisdom of
Owls (barn), a stable of
Owls (barred), a jail of
Owls (barred), a prohibition of
Owls (Hawk), a schizpphrenia of
Owls (little), a volery of
Owls (long-eared), a parliment of
Owls (snowy), a blizzard of
Oxbirds, a fling of
Oystercatchers, a parcel of
Oystercatchers, a Rockerfeller of
Oystercatchers, a stew of

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