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Collective Nouns for Birds (the R’s)


Rails, a hill of
Rails, a rumor of
Rails (Clapper), an applause of
Rails (Clapper),an audience of
Rails (Clapper), a comerical of
Rails (Virginia), a reel of
Rails (Water), a sharning of
Rails (Yellow), a clique of
Raptors, a brood of
Raptors, a cauldron of
Raptors, an eyrie of
Raptors, a kettle of
Raptors, a mews of
Raptors, a nest of
Raptors, a stooping of
Ravens, a aerie of
Ravens, a bazaar of
Ravens, a congress of
Ravens, a conspiracy of
Ravens, a constable of
Ravens, a parliament of
Ravens, a rant of
Ravens, a storytelling of
Ravens, a tower of
Ravens, an unkindness of
Razorbills, a strop of
Redheads, a league of
Redheads, a sorority of
Redpolls, a Gallup of
Red-tailed tropic birds, a tailback of
Redwings, a crowd of
Rheas, a flock of
Rheas, a mob of
Riflemen, a firing squad of
Roadrunners, a marathon of
Roadrunners (greater), a marathon of
Roadrunners, a race of
Robins, a worm of
Rollers, a flight of
Rollers, a pair of
Rollers, a swoop of
Rollers, a singular of
Rooks, a company of
Rooks, a building of
Rooks, a clamor of
Rooks, clamour of
Rooks, a concentration of
Rooks, a congregation of
Rooks, a flock of
Rooks, a murmuration of
Rooks, a parish of
Rooks, parliament of
Rooks, a rookery of
Rooks, a shoal of
Rooks, a story telling of
Rooks, a wing of
Rosellas, a family of
Rosellas, a pair of
Ruffs, a collar of
Ruff, a hill of
Rurus, a nocturne of
Rumps (yellow), a distraction of
Rumps (yellow), a spring of

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