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Collective Nouns for Birds (the T’s)


Takahe, a mountain resort of
Takahe, a tussock of
Tanagers, a season of
Tattlers, a whisper of
Teal(s), a brace of
Teal, a bunch of
Teal, a coil of
Teals, a colony of
Teals, a diving of
Teal, a dopping of
Teal, a flock of
Teal, a flush of
Teal, a knob of
Teal, a leash of
Teal, a little knob of
Teal, a paddling of
Teal, a plump of
Teal, a raft of
Teal, a spring of
Teal, a string of
Teal, a trip of
Teal (Cinnamon), a dash of
Teal (Cinnamon), a seasoning of
Terns, a ternery of
Terns, a "U" of
Terns, a whisps of
Terns (common), a committee
Terns (elegant), a cotillion of
Terns (least), a straightness of
Terns (royal), a highness of
Terns (sandwich), a hogey of
Terns (Whiskered), a moustache of
Thrushes, a hermitage of
Thrushes, a mutation of
Thrushers, a rash of
Tickers, a checklist of
Titmouse, a banditry of
Titmouse, a dissimulation of
Tits, a banditry of
Tits, a dissimulation of
Tits (Long-tailed), a volery of
Towees, a tangle of
Towees a teapot of
Tui(s), a battery of
Tui, an ecstasy of
Turacos (Violet), a flock of
Turkeys, a brood of
Turkeys, a crop of
Turkeys, a death row of
Turkeys, a dole of
Turkeys, a dule of
Turkeys, a flock of
Turkeys, a gang of
Turkeys, a herd of
Turkeys, a mob of
Turkeys, a muster of
Turkey, a posse of
Turkeys, a raffle of
Turkeys, a raft of
Turkeys, a rafter of
Turkeys, a school of
Turkeys, a thanksgiving of
Turkeys (wild), a run of
Turkeys, (wild males), a bachelor group of
Turkeys (wild males), a posse of
Turtle-doves, a dule of
Turtle-doves, a peerage of
Turtle-doves, a pitying of
Turtle-doves, a true love of
Tyrannulets, beardless, a shaving of

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