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Boundary Stream & Lake Tutira

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Boundary Stream
Mainland Island

Boundary Stream Scenic Reserve or Boundary Stream Mainland Island Nature Restoration Project is managed by the Department of Conservation as a 'mainland island', with the aim of restoring the forest to create a place where the public can visit and enjoy a flourishing fauna and flora reminiscent of a Hawke's Bay forest of the past.

Boundary Stream is situated on the eastern edge of the Maungaharuru Range (Maungaharuru means "rumbling mountain" describing the noise of the abundant birdlife), about 60 kilometres northwest of Napier on the east coast of the North Island. It is about 700 hectares in area. An additional 100 hectares of private land is managed as part of the mainland island, giving a total of 800 hectares. Over 220 species of native plants have been recorded in the reserve, including the yellow-flowered mistletoe and one or two kakabeak plants. The reserve contains a mountain holly forest on the crest of the range, kamahi and kanuka on the ridges, and black beech, red beech, black maire, tawa, kahikatea. totara and matai in the valleys.

Lake Tutira was declared a bird sanctuary at the behest of farmer/author/ornithologist William Herbert Guthrie-Smith (1861-1940). It is nestled in hills along the Napier to Wairoa highway. The area surrounding the lake is a bird sanctuary and idyllic picnic and camping spot. There is very good trout fishing in the lake's northern reaches and the rivers that flow into it.


The Tutira Walkway, steep in places, passes through Tutira Station and the adjoining Lake Tutira Domain. There are splendid views of coastal Hawke''s Bay from Table Mountain Trig. Allow five hours for the full round trip of 9km.

Detailed documentation of the flora and fauna which was once present in the area may be found in Guthrie-Smith's book, Tutira, the Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station. His sheep station included Boundary Stream.

Photograph of Kaka: Rachel Sloan

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