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Boundary Stream & Lake Tutira  (reviews ...)

Boundary Stream
& Lake Tutira (1st page)
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Trip Report November 11, 2009

Returned to Boundary Stream after many years to find many changes, the most significant being the fenced Kiwi creche around Lake Opouahi. 11km from SH2, The Opouahi Scenic Reserve has a lake which covers 6.27 hectares and has a 3.2km predator-proof fence to protect the North Island brown kiwi chicks from stoats. There is parking, picnic shelter and toilets are available on the western side of the lake. The 30min Lake Loop Walk through regenerating native bush skirts picturesque Lake Opouahi. Bird life is abundant. A longer walk, 4hrs return, leaves the lake loop, crosses over farmland and leads to Thomas’ Bush containing high altitude native forest. Lots of birds around, particularly Kereru, the NZ Pigeon.

Went on from there to Boundary Stream itself and took one of the walks with the specific purpose of seeing riflemen again. Found a student doing a PHD on the rifleman along gthe track and she showed me a nest high in a Kamahi tree, in a hole sheltered with epiphytes. She said there were hundreds of riflemen in the reserve!!! I hope she wasn't exaggerating. Also saw a rifleman on the way back to the carpark and a tomtit, otherwise birds were quiet, nesting I suppose.

Narena Olliver, 2009.

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