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Recommended NZ Sites
Falcons in vineyards  — Reintroducing
threatened falcons into vineyards reduces bird-damage to wine grapes
Forest and Bird 
Hidden Forest — infomation and photos of
fungi, lichens, ferns ... more.
Kia Mau Te Titi Mo Ake Tonu Atu (Titi Project)
Kakapo Home Page
Kakapo Recovery Programme
Kakariki, Care, Breeding, Ecology,
and Conservation
Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC)
Kiwi Recovery Programme
Landcare Research
Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust
Miranda Naturalists’ Trust
Motuihe Island Restoration Project
Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre
The National Wetland Trust of New Zealand
Native forest
New Zealand's Biodiversity
NZ Brown Teal
NZ Department Conservation
NZ Conservation Management Group 
NZ Ecological Society
NZ Ministry for the Environment
NZ National Parks & Conservation
New Zealand Trust for Conservation
Volunteers Inc.
Oamaura Blue Penguin Colony
Ornithological Society of New Zealand
Parliamentary Commissioner for the
Parrot Society of NZ
Pohangina Wetlands Development
Puketi Forest Trust
The Raptor Association of New Zealand (RANZ)
Royal Albatross Colony
Subantarctic Islands —  which lie southeast of
Tasmania and south of the southern island
of New Zealand, World Heritage Sites, home
to over half the world’s seabirds, some of
whom exist nowhere else; show easily seen
geologic evidence of both volcanic activity
and glaciation; have plant species which are
giants compared to their relatives in more
temperate climates;
Tiritiri Matangi
WReNNZ —  Wildlife Rehabilitators Network
of New Zealand
Wingspan Trust
Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
News groups / Forums — about New Zealand birds,
for New Zealand birders
EcoEarth.Info — is a one of a kind Environment
Portal - with genuine Internet search,
cutting biocentric commentary, social
network & constant news and link
tracking - all dedicated to achieving
global environmental sustainability.
thebirdinsight  — international discussion forum
on birds.
Tropical Birds Forums  — All about wild and
tropical birds in our visionary forum
on birds.
New Zealand Blogs
Greytown county almanac — Writing about
nature, particularly birdlife, in
Greytown, New Zealand
Rowi Diary — Julie Wolbers works alongside
biodiversity staff at Franz Josef
Department of Conservation
studying rowi.
Wildlife (Bird) Photography
Bird Photography in Greece — Panos
Oikonomou, Wildlife photographer,
presents a bird photo gallery from
Greece, with almost 300 bird species.
Useful Resources for Birding!
All About Birds  — A collection of ornithology
Birding-Beginners-Guide — an introductory
Birdwatching Guide — for the Whole Family
(a "starter kit")
Merlin — Bird ID (North, Central, and South
American, and European birds)
From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
an app that will help identify a bird on
on sight
How to make bird sheds & houses — 
Plus a lot of other useful information
about inviting birds to your
(Thanks for the link, Sean)

New Zealand Antique Prints

Silver Image Photography

National Parks

Biology Dictionary

Puketi Forest Trust

Seniors Search


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Overseas (Bird) Links
AFRING — African Bird Ringing Scheme
All Species Foundation
American Birding Association
American Bird Conservancy
African Bird Club
Arctic Birds
Arctic Portal — Conservation of Arctic Flora
and Fauna
ARKive — Creating a lasting audio-visual
record of life on Earth.
Asian Birds
AVIBIRDS — project about birds with
videos and guides
BBC’s Birds
Bird Families of the World
Bird Studies Canada
Birding Australia — Lloyd Nielsen
Birding Hotspots
Birding Madrid
Birds Australia
Birds Down Under
Birds of New England
Birds of Sarawak
Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
Birdwatching Australia
Birdwatching and Birding trips in
Eastern Europe
 — Branta–Tours specializes in birding, nature, and birdwatching tours in
Bulgaria, Romania and Belarus. Provides
trip and sighting reports, and photo
Birdwatching Bulgaria
Birdwatching Guide (TripBuzz)
Birdwatching in Northern Greece
Broome Bird Observatory -- Australia
Central Asia Birding
Conservation International
Dean birders — for those birdwatchers who have
difficulty getting out and about.
European Ornithologist’s Union
FocusWildlife, Nature and wildlife photography
Hongkong Birdwatching Society
Infographic — Backyard birds in countries
around the world.
Italian Ornithological Web
International Waderbird and Wetland Research
Israel, Kibbutz Lotan Centre for Birdwatching
Korean Birds(english)
Kruger National Park
Learn Animals — A library of the worlds animals
Life of Birds
Loro Parque Fundacion
MoldResolve — The Importance of Checking
Your Wild Birdfeeds For Mold

(Thankyou Jefferson Elementary school
science class for sending this useful link!)

Oriental Birding Club
Ornithological Society of the Middle East
Owl Pages
Paper Penguins — “Each penguin has a brief
biography but they do tend to try and make
themselves far more interesting than they
actually are. I don't know whether this is a
trait in all penguins but it certainly seems to
be in mine!”
Parrot Species -- The ultimate database
Parrot Society
Raptor Resource Project
SOSSA — Southern Oceans Seabirds Study
Assoc.; concerns the marine
environment and the wildlife of the
Southern Oceans.
Swans — photos of swans in Scotland.
The Nature Conservancy
Thai birding  — Free information, maps, check- lists and trip reports on bird- watching in Thailand.
Vulture Rescue
Wader Study Group
Walking In Etruria  — (Italy)
The ancient region of Etruria, included
Tuscany, part of Umbria and the north of
Lazio.  Etruria's habitats host thousands of
species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds
and mammals.
Wetlands & Birds Korea
Wetlands International
Wings Over Wetlands
World Parrot Trust
World Working Group on Birds of Prey
and Owls (WWGBP)
Zestforbirds(South Africa)