Bird Nest index

The Bird Nest Index provides direct access to bird nest information for many of New Zealand's birds. The specific nest page will sometimes include photos as well as video links, drawings, comments from early human observers, comments from modern birders and many additional ways to describe the nesting habits of New Zealand birds.

You may also access the NEST PAGES listed here from any given specific bird page on this site.
The list is alphabetical, using Maori names as first reference where ever available.
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The Blackbird nest is constructed of grass matted together by mud and lined with finer grass.

blackbird nest Blackbird nest
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The nest is a neat structure of grass, rootlets, cobwebs, hair, wool and flower heads lined with thistledown, wool, hair or feathers.

goldfinch nest Goldfinch nest
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The Greenfinch nest is built by the female.

greenfinch nest Piwakawaka (Fantail nest)
Korimako, (Bellbird)
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Bellbird nests are made with twigs and fibres and lined with feathers and fine grasses.

Korimako (Bellbird nest) Korimako nest (Bellbird)
Piwakawaka, (Fantail)
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The fantail’s nest is like a small cup made with grasses and moss, bound together with cobwebs and lined with feathers.

Piwakawaka (Fantail nest) Piwakawaka nest (Fantail)
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The pukeko's nest is perhaps most often in a raupo swamp where a large untidy structure of raupo leaves a foot or so high is built.

pukeko nest Pukeko nest
California Quail
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The nest is a simple affair, a hollow in the ground lined with grass and made comfortable for the big batch of eggs.

California quail nest California quail nest
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The nest consists of a considerable variety of materials; moss, and grass predominate; the fabric is strong, although frequently slight, in some cases the walls are extremely thin;

Tauhou (Silever Eye nest) Tauhou nest (Silver-Eye)
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The nest is built of grass and sticks and lined with a plaster of decayed wood and grass cemented with saliva.

song thrush Thrush nest
Tieke (Saddleback)
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The nest pictured was built into an open flax kit suspended from a nail fastened to an upright board in a Maori hut.

Tauhou (Silever Eye nest) Tieke nest (Saddleback)
Titipounamu (Rifleman)
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The literature tells me that the nest may be found in some crevice of bark or hole in a tree, a fissure in a broken branch, or a cranny penetrating dry wood.

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Tui nests are made with twigs and fibres and lined with feathers and fine grasses and are usually placed in fork of a tree hidden from view.

Tui nest Tui nest
(Welcome Swallow)
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This year's pair are building a nest under the eaves of the cottage by the back door.

Swallow nest with 5 chicks peering out Warou nest
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This nest is roughly constructed of grass and small sticks and lined with finer grass, hair, moss wool and feathers

yellowhammer Yellowhammer nest