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Natural History BOOKS

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Natural History BOOKS
Maori Healing and Herbal Price: US$115.00
(includes shipping costs)

Maori Healing and Herbal,
New Zealand Ethnobotanical Sourcebook:

by Murdoch Riley, Photographs by Brian Enting

Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd., Paraparaumu, New Zealand, Third Printing, 2003, hard cover,
pages: 528, size: 195 x 260mm. Price US$115.00 (includes shipping cost)

Part 1: Maori Healing and Health Topics dating from before contact time with Europeans up to the present day, set out under individual ailments and subjects.

Part 2: Maori Herbal Remedies. The herbal of some two hundred plants makes up the second part of the book, with remedies arranged in chronological order.
Manu Maori (with CD) Price: US$42.00
(includes shipping costs)

MANU MAORI: Bird Legends and Customs:

by Murdoch Riley

Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd, 2006, ISBN 0854671242, hard cover,
pages: 87, size: 145 x 198mm. Price US$42.00 (includes shipping cost)

Contains over 40 photos and drawings, most in colour. With accompanying CD “Forest and Ocean” — Bird & other songs composed and sung by Hirini Melbourne.
Coasting, The Sealion and the Lark Price: US$36.00
(includes shipping costs)

COASTING, The Sealion and the Lark

by Neville Peat

Longacre Press, 2001, ISBN 1-877135-57-7, soft cover,
pages: 183, size: 140 x 210mm. Price US$36.00 (includes shipping cost)

One of our finest observers of the natural world, takes us on a journey from Otago to the subantarctic and follows the life and migration of a sea lion. In a work that is deeply intimate and wonderfully expansive, Peat takes us well beyond the physical. He delves into the emotional origins of myth, and reveals an impassioned respect and understanding of the close relationship between humans and animals. While exploring changing coastal habitat ­ blending ancient beliefs, local history, legend, and the natural sciences ­ Peat encounters a number of remarkable individuals along the way; sea dogs, old salts, and a mysterious drifter who follows the winds and tides. Here we gain the naturalist’s sense of wonder, and the philosopher’s contemplation of the mysterious presence we call nature.
Wild New Zealand from the Road Price: US$63.00
(includes shipping costs)

Wild New Zealand from the Road

by Gordon Ell

Random House New Zealand, 2010, ISBN 978 1 86979 3494, soft cover,
pages: 327, size: 175 x 247mm. Price US$63.00 (includes shipping cost)

“Wild New Zealand: from the road” explores the wilderness of New Zealand from the perspective of the traveller by road. Richly illustrated, the book visits wilderness areas, parks, reserves and sanctuaries throughout the country. Organised by region, it introduces the landscape and nature of each area and highlights its special features and unique species. The emphasis is on the accessible wilderness, through key sites and short walks. It is a book to plan trips with.
My Natural History Price: US$35.00
(includes shipping costs)

My Natural History

The animal kingdom & how it shaped me
by Simon Barnes

Short Books, Britain, 2010, ISBN 978 1 906021 77 1, hard cover,
pages: 249, size: 140 x 205mm. Price US$35.00 (includes shipping cost)

In “My Natural History” Simon Barnes, like a modern-day Gerald Durrell, weaves together the story of his life via the animals and the natural encounters that have shaped it.

From the greater horseshoe bat that transported Barnes from the dull classrooms of his youth, to the great whale which marked the moment he knew he was going to be a writer, from Himalayan kingfishers in India, to majestic lions in the Luangwa valley, each animal represents a piece in the puzzle of Barnes’s life.

With its humour and poetry, every page fizzing with Barnes’s infectious enthusiasm, “My Natural History” cannot fail to delight and enthral any lover of the wild world.
Consider the Birds Price: US$60.00
(includes shipping costs)

Consider the Birds

Who they are and what they do
by Colin Tudge

Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books, London, 2008, ISBN 978 1 846 14097 6, hard cover,
pages: 480, size: 160 x 240mm. Price US$60.00 (includes shipping cost)

In “Consider The Birds” Colin Tudge explores the life of birds, all around the globe. From the secrets of migration to their complicated family lives, their differing habitats and survival techniques to the secrets of flight, this is a fascinating account of how birds live, why they matter, and whether they really are dinosaurs. Featuring birds who navigate using star-maps, tool-making crows and the great cooperation of the penguins, Colin Tudge shows how birds — who are like us in the general sense but very different in the particulars — live and think. For birds have minds: they feel, they are aware, they work things out. And so, by considering the birds, asking how and why it is possible for them to be so different, we gain insight into ourselves.

Birds are beautiful, lively, intriguing — and all around us. This rich and endlessly absorbing book opens up their lives to everyone.
Natural History, icons from Te Papa Price: US$27.00
(includes shipping costs)

Natural History

icons from Te Papa

Te Papa Press, Museum of New Zealand, 2002, ISBN 978 1 877385 22 3, soft cover,
pages: 108, size: 136 x 156mm. Price US$27.00 (includes shipping cost)

A selection of treasured items from Te Papa's natural history collection.

This book introduces the many unique plants and animals of New Zealand — including our national symbols, the kiwi and the silver fern.

Alongside these are priceless museum pieces, such as the skeleton of the mighty racehorse Phar Lapp and the ancient tooth of the first dinosaur ever described.

These items tell the story of the evolution of Aotearoa New Zealand and its natural history. From microscopic molluscs to a colossal squid and an enormous whale, every item is photographed in full colour and accompanied by a lively, informative description.
Tora, The Royal Albatross Price: US$27.00
(includes shipping costs)


The Royal Albatross
by Colin Tudge

Huia Publishers, Wellington, 2003, ISBN 1 877283 89 4, hard cover,
pages: 32, size: 260 x 217mm. Price US$27.00 (includes shipping cost)

Every year, the albatross covers a distance of more than 190,000 km. This is equivalent to driving the entire length of New Zealand 84 times.

With a wingspan of three metres, the Toroa, or Royal Albatross, can fly up to 115 km an hour. The Toroa lives for over 60 years, and spends 87% of its long life at sea.

Meet this amazing bird — an important part of New Zealand's heritage — and discover how we can conserve it as a legacy for the future.
The History of Ornithology Price: US$50.00
(includes shipping costs)

The History of Ornithology

by Valerie Chansigaud

New Holland Publishers, London, Cape Town, Sydney, Auckland, 2009, ISBN 978 1 84773 433 4, hard cover,
pages: 239, size: 160 x 240mm. Price US$50.00 (includes shipping cost)

Colourful, graceful, melodious and easily observed, birds have always been a favourite subject of study for naturalists and a source of wonder for all of humanity. Ornithology is an ancient science, yet it also has great relevance in the modern world, where environmental issues such as endangered species, habitat destruction, pollution and avian flu bring the study of birds into the everyday lives of millions of people. From the myths of the Middle Ages and the advent of ecology — which has its roots in ornithology — to Darwin's famous finches and the current popular passion for birdwatching, “The History of Ornithology” tells the story of the development of a science that endlessly inspires us. It is richly illustrated, with numerous photographs, artworks and diagrams, including a detailed timeline of ornithological events.

Takes a clear chronological approach.

The lively text is enhanced by more than 250 illustrations of birds and the ornithologists who have studied them.

A detailed timeline allows for the easy pinpointing of key figures and events throughout ornithological history.