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Collective Nouns for Birds (the C’s)


Canaries, an aria of
Canaries, an opera of
Canvasbacks, an awning of
Canvasbacks, a raft of
Canvasbacks, a sail of
Capercaillies, a tok of
Capons, a mews of
Capons, a muse of
Cardinals, a college of
Cardinals, a conclave of
Cardinals, a deck of
Cardinals, a Kremlin of
Cardinals, a radiance of
Cardinals, a Vatican of
Cassowaries, a dash of
Cassowaries, a jump of
Cassowaries, a run of
Cassowaries, a slash of
Cassowaries, a swim of
Catbirds, a mewing of
Catbirds, a mews of
Cat birds, a seat of
Ceruleans, a sea of
Chickadees, a banditry of
Chickadees, a dissimulation of
Chickadees (Blackcaped), a banditry of
Chickadees (Blackcaped), a dissimulation of
Chickadees (Whitecaped), a banditry of
Chickadees (Whitecaped), a dissimulation of
Chicks, a brood of
Chicks, a chattering of
Chicks, a cletch of
Chicks, a clutch of
Chicks, a peep of
Chickens, a brood of
Chickens, a cletch of
Chickens, a clutch of
Chickens, a collection of
Chickens, a flock of
Chickens, a peep of
Chickens, a run of
Chickens (Wild), a flight of
Chickenhawks, a dodge of
Chough, a chattering of
Chough, a clattering of
Chough, a cluttering of
Clever birds, a dentistry of
Cockatoos, a crackle of
Cockatoos, a family of
Condors, a condo of
Condors (California), a scarcity of
Coots, a codgery of
Coots, a commotion of
Coots, a community of
Coots, a cooperation of
Coots, a cover of
Coots, a covert of
Coots, a fleet of
Coots, a flock of
Coots, a pod of
Coots, a raft of
Coots, a rafter of
Coots, a rasp of
Coots, a shoal of
Coots, a swarm of
Cormorants, a flight of
Cormorants, a gulp of
Cormorants, a “lett fli” of
Cormorants, a paddling of
Cormorants, a rookery of
Cormorants, a swim of
Cormorants (flightless), a paddle of
Cormorants (flightless), a paddling of
Cormorants (flightless), a sunning of
Cormorants (Galapagos), a paddling of
Cormorants (Galapagos), a sunning of
Cormorants (red-faced), an embarrassment of
Cotes, a cover of
Cowbirds, a corral of
Cowbirds, a herd of
Crakes (corn), a bowl of
Crakes (corn), a box of
Crakes (corn), a cob of
Cranelings, a brood of
Cranes, a construction of
Cranes, a dance of
Cranes, a family of
Cranes, a flock of
Cranes, a herd of
Cranes, a pair of
Cranes, a sedge of
Cranes, a siege of
Cranes, a sledge of
Cranes, a swoop of
Cranes, a thumping of
Cranes, a wedge of
Cranes (Hooded), a flock of
Cranes (Hooded), a pair of
Cranes (Hooded), a wedge of
Cranes (Lilford), a flock of
Cranes (Lilford), a trumpting of
Cranes (Sand Hill), a kettle of
Creepers, a sleeze of
Creepers (brown), a spiral of
Crossbills, a crookedness of
Crossbills, a warp of
Crows, a brood of
Crows, a caldron of
Crows, a cawcus of
Crows, a cawldron of
Crows, a cawlection of
Crows, a cawroboree of
Crows, a clan of
Crows, a company of
Crows, a congress of
Crows, a cowardess of
Crows, a cowardice of
Crows, a hoard of
Crows, a horde of
Crows, a hover of
Crows, a kine of
Crows, a mob of
Crows, a murder of
Crows, a murmuration of
Crows, a muster of
Crows, a parcel of
Crows, a rookery of
Crows, a storytelling of
Crows (American), a cawlection of
Cuckoos, an asylum of
Cuckoos, a cooch of
Cuckoos, a family of
Curlews, a curfew of
Curlews, a flock of
Curlews, a game of
Curlews, a head of
Curlews, a herd of
Curlews, a salon of
Curlews, a skein of
Cygnets, a brood of

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