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a bazaar of Falcons
a brood of Falcons
a cast of Falcons
an eyass of Falcons
an eyrie of Falcons
a flight of Falcons
a nest of Falcons
a pair of Falcons
a ringing up of Falcons
a stooping of Falcons
a soar of Falcons
a tower of Falcons
a spread of Fantails
a war party of (piwakawaka) Fantails
a flock of Fieldfares
a charm of Finches
a chirm of Finches
a company of Finches
a trembling of Finches
a trimming of Finches
a flock of (Gold) Finches
a trembling of (Gold) Finches
a trimming of (Gold) Finches
a development of (house) Finches
a bouquet of (rosy) Finches
a cage of (zebra) Finches
a collection of (zebra) Finches
a flight of (zebra) Finches
a faith of Firebirds
a phoenix of Firebirds
a resurrection of Firebirds
a colony of Flamingos
a flamboyance of Flamingos
a flurry of Flamingos
a regiment of Flamingos
a skein of Flamingos
a stand of Flamingos
a veton of Flamingos
a clutch of (young ducks) Flappers
a brood of Fledglings
a clutch of Fledglings
a guttering of Flickers
a menorah of Flickers
a Peterson of Flickers
a confusion of Flycatchers
an outfield of Flycatchers
a swatting of Flycatchers
a zapper of Flycatchers
a zipper of Flycatchers
a confusion of (empidonax) Flycatchers
a volery of (Pied) Flycatchers
a mess of (scissor-tailed) Flycatchers
a pinking of (scissor-tailed) Flycatchers
a snip of (scissor-tailed) Flycatchers
a zipper of (scissor-tailed) Flycatchers
a strand of (silky) Flycatchers
an assembly of Fowl
a brood of Fowl
a plump of Fowl
a roost of Fowl
a roust of Fowl
a scry of Fowl
a skein of Fowl
a swarm of Fowl
a run of (flightless) Fowl
a flock of (red jungle) Fowl
an ecclesiastic of Friar birds
a monastery of Friar birds
a fleet of Frigatebirds
a flotilla of Frigatebirds
a bazaar of Frowls
a loomery of Frowls