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Collective Nouns for Birds (the S’s)


Sanderling, a grain of
Sandgrouse, a dune of
Sandgrouse, a grain of
Sandgrouse, a gripe of
Sandpipers, a bind of
Sandpipers, a cluster of
Sandpipers, a contradiction of
Sandpipers, a fling of
Sandpipers, a hill of
Sandpipers, a time-step of
Sapsuckers, a slurp of
Scoters, a mooter of
Scoters, a scooter of
Sea birds, a club of
Sea birds, a colony of
Sea birds, a concourse of
Sea birds, a rookery of
Sea birds, a wreck of
Sea-eagles (steller’s), a constellation of
Seafowl, a cloud of
Seafowl, a flight of
Seafowl, a flock of
Sea-gulls, a colony of
Sea-gulls, a flock of
Sea-gulls, flotilla of
Sea-gulls, a pack of
Sea-gulls, a scavenging of
Sea-gulls, a screech of
Sea-gulls, a squabble of
Sea-gulls, a swoop of
Secretary birds, a flight of
Secretary birds, a nest of
Seedeaters, a eatery of
Shags, a hangout of
Shearwaters, an improbability of
Sheldrakes, a doading of
Sheldrakes, a droppings of
Sheldrakes, a doppling of
Shelducks, a doading of
Shelducks, a dopping of
Shovellers, a chain gang of
Shovellers, a crew of
Shovellers, a graveyard of
Shrikes, a abbatoir of
Shrikes, a watch of
Silky flycatchers, a stand of
Silky flycatchers, a strand of
Skimmers, a conspiracy of
Skimmers, an embezzlement of
Skimmers, a scoop of
Skuas, a shishkab of
Skylarks, an exaltation of
Skylarks, an uplifting of
Snake birds, a float of
Snipe, a couple of
Snipe, a leash of
Snipe, a walk of
Snipe, a whisp of
Snipe, a whisper of
Snipe, a winnowing of
Snipe, a wisp of
Snipe, a volley of
Solitaries, an assemblage of
Solitaries, a summation of
Soras, an ache of
Soras, an expression of
Soras, a whinny of
Sparrow hawks (Sage), an academy of
Sparrows, a crew of
Sparrows, a flight of
Sparrow, a flutter of
Sparrows, a host of
Sparrows, a meinie of
Sparrows, a quarrel of
Sparrows, a tribe of
Sparrows, an ubiquity of
Sparrows (American tree), a grove of
Sparrows (chipping), a tournament of
Sparrows (English house), a blight of
Sparrows (field), a crue of
Sparrows (fox), a den of
Sparrows (Fox), a flock of
Sparrows (Fox), a slyness of
Sparrows (Grasshopper), a plague of
Sparrows (Golden crowned), a reign of
Sparrows (Harris), a poll of
Sparrows (House), a humiliation of
Sparrows (House), a subdivision of
Sparrows (Olive), a bunch of
Sparrows (Seaside), a picnic of
Sparrows (Song), a choir of
Sparrows (Song), a chorus of
Sparrows (Song), a flock of
Sparrows (Vesper), a congregation of
Sparrows (Vesper), a liturgy of
Spoonbills ,a canteen of
Spoonbills, a measurement of
Spoonbills, a runcible of
Spoonbills, a service of
Spoonbills (Roseate), a bowl of
Starlings, a chatter of
Starlings, a chattering of
Starlings, a cloud of
Starlings, a clutter of
Starlings, a concentration of
Starling, a congregation of
Starlings, a constellation of
Starlings, a filth of
Starlings, a flight of
Starlings, a gathering of
Starlings, a hosting of
Starlings, a murmuracyon of
Starlings, a murmuration of
Starlings, a roost of
Starlings, a scourge of
Starlings, a vulgarity of
Starlings (European), a roost of
Starlings (Juvenile), a nest of
Stids, a flight of
Stids, a fling of
Stints, a spell of
Stitchbirds, a sewing circle of
Storks, a clatter of
Storks, a cluster of
Storks, a filth of
Storks, a flight of
Storks, a flock of
Storks, a muster of
Storks, a mustering of
Storks, a pair of
Storks, a phalanx of
Storks, a silence of
Storks, a swoop of
Surfbirds, a board of
Surfbirds, a kahuna of
Swallows, a flight of
Swallows, a gulp of
Swallows, a herd of
Swallows, a kettle of
Swallows, a richness of
Swallows, a sord of
Swallows, a swoop of
Swallows (Bank), a foreclosure of
Swallows (Barn), a kettle of
Swallows (Tree), a stand of
Swans, a ballet of
Swans, a bank of
Swans, a bevy of
Swans, a drift of
Swans, a eyrar of
Swans, a fanfare of
Swans, a flight of
Swans, a flock of
Swans, a game of
Swans, a herd of
Swans, a lamentation of
Swans, a mark of
Swans, a regatta of
Swans, a royal of
Swans, a school of
Swans, a sounder of
Swans, a squadron of
Swans, a swannery of
Swans, a tank of
Swans, a team of
Swans, a tranquility of
Swans, a “V” formation of
Swans, a wedge of
Swans, a whiteness of
Swans, a whiting of
Swans (trumpeter), a fanfare of
Swifts, a box of
Swifts, a flock of
Swifts, a screaming frenzy of
Swifts, a swoop of

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