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Collective Nouns for Birds (the W’s)


Waders, a trip of
Wagtails, a flock of
Wagtails (Pied), a flight of
Wagtails (Pied), a flock of
Wagtails (Pied), a roost of
Wagtails (White), a volery of
Warblers, a bouquet of
Warblers, a confusion of
Warblers, a fall of
Warblers, a wrench of
Warblers, (black-and-white), a dichotomy of
Warblers (black-and-white), a distinction of
Warblers (black-and-white), an integration of
Warblers, (black-throated green), a contusion of
Warblers, (Connecticut), a skulk of
Warblers (Connecticut), a yankee of
Warblers (hermit), a seclusion of
Warblers (Kentucky), a Derby of
Warbler (Kirtland’s), a scarcity of
Warblers (magnolia), a corsage of
Warblers (mourning), a wake of
Warblers (palm), a reading of
Warblers (pine), a cone of
Warblers (red-faced), an embarrassment of
Warblers, (wood), a cord of
Warblers (yellow), a stream of
Warblers, (yellow), a sweetness of
Warblers, (yellow), a trepidation of
Waterfowl, a brace (two)
Waterfowl, a bunch of
Waterfowl, a congregation of
Waterfowl, a flock of
Waterfowl, a knob of
Waterfowl, a leash (three) of
Waterfowl, a little knob of
Waterfowl, a plump of
Waterfowl, a raft of
Waterfowl, a skein of
Waterfowl, a sute of
Waterfowl, a trip of
Waterfowl, a wedge of
Water ouzels, a dopping of
Waterthrushes, a teeter of
Waxwings, a ear-full of
Waxwings, a grosbeaks of
Waxwings, a museum of
Wheaters, a bowl of
Wheaters, a shaft of
Whios, a whistling of
Whippoorwills, an invisibility of
Whippoorwills, a seek of
White-eyes, a ring of
White-eyes, a spectacle of
Whooping cranes, a herd of
Whooping cranes, a sedge of
Whooping cranes, a siege of
Widgeons, a bunch of
Widgeons, a coil of
Widgeons, a company of
Widgeons, a flight of
Widgeons, a knob of
Widgeons, a little knob of
Widgeons, a lute of
Widgeons, a raft of
Widgeons, a scry of
Widgeons, a smidgen of
Widgeons, a sord of
Widgeons, a sute of
Widgeons, a trip of
Widgeons (American), a hair club of
Wild birds, a flight of
Wildfowl, a bunch of
Wildfowl, a knob of
Wildfowl, a little knob of
Wildfowl, a plump of
Wildfowl, a skein of
Wildfowl, a scry of
Wildfowl, a sord of
Wildfowl, a sute of
Wildfowl, a trip of
Wildfowl, a wedge of
Woodcocks, a cord of
Woodcocks, a covert of
Woodcocks, a covey of
Woodcocks, a fall of
Woodcocks, a flight of
Woodcocks, a flock of
Woodcocks, a plump of
Woodcocks, a rush of
Woodcocks (Eurasian), a roding of
Wood duck, a discomfiture of
Woodpeckers, a cord of
Woodpeckers, a descant of
Woodpeckers, a descension of
Woodpeckers, a drumming of
Woodpeckers, a gatling of
Woodpeckers( acorn), a bushel of
Woodpeckers (latterbacked), a scaffold of
Woodpeckers (Pileated), a crown of
Wrens, a chime of
Wrens, a flight of
Wrens, a flock of
Wrens, a herd of
Wrens, a herde of
Wrens (winter), a family of

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