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Collective Nouns for Birds (the G’s)


Galahs, a garrulity of
Game, a brace of
Game, a brood of
Game, a company of
Game birds, a covert of,
Game birds, a covey of
Game, a leash of
Gannets, a company of
Gannets, a gannetry of
Gannets, a newspaper syndicate of
Gannets, a plunging of
Gannets (Northern), a gannetry of
Geese, a bunch of
Geese, a chevron of
Geese, a christmas of
Geese, a cluster of
Geese, a covert of
Geese, a drove of
Geese, a flight of
Geese, a flock of
Geese, a gagelen of
Geese, a gagelynge of
Geese, a gaggle of
Geese, a herd of
Geese, a knob of
Geese, a knot of
Geese, a lag of
Geese, a little knot of
Geese, a nide of
Geese, a nye of
Geese, a plump of
Geese, a skein of
Geese, a sord of
Geese, a string of
Geese, a sute of
Geese, a team of
Geese, a trip of
Geese, a “V” formation of
Geese, a wedge of
Geese (barnacle), an encrustment of
Geese (barnacle), a hull of
Geese (bean), a pod of
Geese (Canada), a wedge of
Geese (orange necked)(flightless), an extinction of
Geese (snow), an avalanche of
Geese (snow), a blizzard of
Godwits, an omniscience of
Godwits, a pantheon of
Godwits, a prayer of
Goldeneyes, a “007” of
Goldeneyes, a wink of
Goldfinches, a charm of
Goldfinches, a charme of
Goldfinches, a chattering of
Goldfinches, a chirk of
Goldfinches, a chirm of
Goldfinches, a chirp of
Goldfinches, a chirrup of
Goldfinches, a chryme of
Goldfinches, a cirm of
Goldfinches, a dip of
Goldfinches, a drum of
Goldfinches, a flock of
Goldfinches, a glister of
Goldfinches, a rush of
Goldfinches, a treasury of
Goldfinches, a trembling of
Goldfinches, a trimming of
Goldfinches, a troubling of
Goldfinches, a vein of
Goldfinches (American), a flash of
Goosanders, a dopping of
Goosehawks, a cast of
Goshawks, a couple of
Goshawks, a couple and a half of
Goshawks, a flight of
Goshawks, a glare of
Goshawks, a gross of
Goslings, a brood of
Goslings, a shoal of
Goslings, a shoale of
Goslings, a skein of
Grackles, a cackle of
Grebes, a water dance of
Grosbeaks, a gross of
Grouse, a brace of
Grouse, a brood of
Grouse, a chorus of
Grouse, a complaint desk of
Grouse, a covey of
Grouse, a drumming of
Grouse, a flight of
Grouse, a gaggle of
Grouse, a grumbling of
Grouse, a lak of
Grouse, a lek of
Grouse, a leash of
Grouse, a pack of
Grouse, a tok of
Grouse (blue), a depression of
Grouse (ruffed), a drumming of
Grouse (sage), a strutting ground of
Guillemots, a bazaar of
Guillemots, a loomery of
Guinea Fowls, a confusion
Gulls, a colony of
Gulls, a flock of
Gulls, a flotilla of
Gulls, a gullery of
Gulls, a pack of
Gulls, a scavenging of
Gulls, a screech of
Gulls, a skein of
Gulls, a squabble of
Gulls, a swoop of
Gulls (Bonaparte’s), a retreat of
Gulls (Bonaparte’s), a Waterloo of
Gulls (California), a really good energy of
Gulls (Great black-backed), a colony of
Gulls (larus), a bafflement of
Gulls (laughing), a guffaw of
Gulls (mew), a meow of

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