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Collective Nouns for Birds (the E’s)


Eagles, an aerie of
Eagles, a brood of
Eagles, a colony of
Eagles, a convocation of
Eagles, an eyrie of
Eagles, a jubilee of
Eagles, a nest of
Eagles, a soar of
Eagles, a spread of
Eagles, a stooping of
Eagles, a tower of
Eagles (Bald), a come back of
Eagles (bald), a toupee of
Eagles (Steller’s sea), a constellation of
Eggs, a clutch of
Eggs, a set of
Egrets, a colony of
Egrets, a congregation of
Egrets, a heronry of
Egrets, an RSVP of
Egrets, a stand of
Egrets, a skewer of
Egrets, a wedge of
Egrets (cattle), a stampede of
Eider (Merganser), a creche of
Eiders, a quilt of
Elephant birds, a colony of
Elephant birds, an extinction of
Emeralds (Cuban), a setting of
Empids, an embrassment of
Emus, a brood of
Emus, a mob of

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