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Collective Nouns for Birds (the H’s)

a pose of Herons
“a pose of Herons“
Eastern Reef Herons (Egretta sacra)
Photographed 10 April 2006 at Pacific Harbour, Fiji.
Photographer: David Lucas

Harriers, a swarm of
Harriers, a harassment of
Hatchlings, a brood of
Hatchlings, a clutch of
Hawks, an aerie of
Hawks, a boil of
Hawks, a brace of
Hawks, a brood of
Hawks, a cast of
Hawks, a couple of
Hawks, an eyass of
Hawks, an eyrie of
Hawks, an eyry of
Hawks, a flight of
Hawks, a kettle of
Hawks, a knot of
Hawks, a lease of
Hawks, a leash of
Hawks, a mews of
Hawks, a moulting of
Hawks, a nest of
Hawks, a pair of
Hawks, a stooping of
Hawks, a schizophrenia of
Hawks, a screw of
Hawks, a soar of
Hawks, a souse of
Hawks, a spiraling of
Hawks, a stream of
Hawks, a swarm of
Hawks, a swooping of
Hawks, a tower of
Hawks (Moor), a kettle of
Hawks (Swainson’s), a kettle of
Hawk finches, a schizophrenia of
Hawk-owls, a schizophrenia of
Hens, a battery of
Hens, a brood of
Hens, a flight of
Herons, a colony of
Herons, a flight of
Herons, a hedge of
Herons, a heronry of
Herons, a pose of
Herons, a rookery of
Herons, a scattering of
Herons, a sedge of
Herons, a sege of
Herons, a seigh of
Herons, a serge of
Herons, a shegh of
Herons, a siege of
Herons (Great Blue), a heronery of
Herons (Treganza’s), a colony of
Herons (Treganza’s), a sedge of
Herons (Treganza’s), a siege of
Herons (Treganza’s), a rookery of
Herons (Tricolored), a flag of
Herons (white), a flight of
Honey eaters, a (bike or byke) of (Scottish)
Honey eaters, a hive of
Honeycatchers, a hive of
Hoopoes, a cry of
Hoopoes, a hoop of
Hornbills, a party of
Howlets, a brood of
Hummingbirds, a bouquet of
Hummingbirds, a charm of
Hummingbirds, a chattering of
Hummingbirds, a drum of
Hummingbirds, a glittering of
Hummingbirds, a hover of
Hummingbirds, a shimmer of
Hummingbirds, a troubling of
Hummingbirds, a tune of
Hummingbirds (Lucifer), an inferno of

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